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Report FY 2023

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Federal Appropriations

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In FY 2023, NeighborWorks America had available $232.5 million with all funding sources combined. These funds, leveraged by our work and network organizations, were used to establish 16,270 new homeowners, manage 204,560 rental homes, repair 82,450 homes, and provide counseling services for 428,000 sessions for families and individuals across the country while maintaining or creating 45,240 jobs in local communities. Our network leveraged the impact of our congressional appropriation 59:1. This work was accomplished by investing $206.6 million in program services, $11.9 million in general and administrative support, and $1.6 million on resource development activities. As for program services provided, the following describes each major program and investments made in FY23.

Uses of Funds



Partner investments make a difference

NeighborWorks America is built on partnerships – partnerships with our network, and partnerships with funders that understand who we are and what we’re trying to do.
This year, we shine a spotlight on partner JPMorgan Chase.

Partner Spotlight

For 20 years, JPMorgan Chase has invested in NeighborWorks America’s opportunities with a mission, always, to create a more equitable world. JPMorgan Chase’s leaders have invested in technology and in ways to close the racial wealth gap, supporting culturally specific training shared across the network. And they’ve invested in people, too.  

That includes leaders, as shown by their support for NeighborWorks’ Advancing Leaders in Real Estate program. It includes residents who benefit from the long-term wealth-building strategies that JPMorgan Chase supports. And it includes affordable housing and community development staff members who can take advantage of training scholarships that allow them to build skills and resources for the communities they serve.  

Those scholarships bring individuals to NeighborWorks’ premier training institutes. But they also allow NeighborWorks to provide place-based training, bringing the education straight to the communities themselves in places like Puerto Rico and Colorado and North Dakota. Last fiscal year, NeighborWorks was able to award scholarships to 1,244 individuals in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

886 awarded scholarships

“NeighborWorks’ partnership with Chase goes back at least 20 years,” says Jayna Bower, vice president, national partnerships. “They have invested in NeighborWorks to build the capacity and abilities of our network and of the industry. Together, we’ve reached thousands of practitioners over the years.”

One of those practitioners is Alma Guzman, who attended the NeighborWorks Training Institute in San Francisco in May 2023. “I was preparing to retake the HUD Counseling Exam,” she shares, “so the timing of this training could not have been better. The courses provided an in-depth look at the exam with scenarios and hands-on lessons involving Fair Housing. After completing the courses, I was able to get a better understanding of the exam content.” When she returned home, she registered for the exam – and passed. “I am very grateful because I would not have been able to attend the NeighborWorks Training Institute without the scholarship,” she says. “Passing the exam was critical for my position at Chicanos Por La Causa. In addition, it provided a strong foundation to increase my knowledge and role as a housing counselor.”

Michael Kelly, community building & engagement outreach coordinator at Trellis, received a scholarship to take a course on trauma-informed financial counseling, courtesy of JPMorgan Chase. The course gave him insights into clients who, on top of income-related stresses, had also experienced violence in the home and other types of traumas. “Almost all of us have experienced some form of trauma that affects our levels of trust,” he says. “How do we overcome that barrier to provide the services needed to enrich their lives to create homeowners and generational wealth and bridge gap?” 

If Trellis wants to provide clients with financial services, first they must build and earn trust. “It helped us think differently,” Kelly said of the class. “Everybody needs to take this course.” 

Scholarship Awardee

Michael Kelly

Scholarship Awardee


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